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Hi, I’m Misti!

Devoted wife. Doting mom. Dedicated daughter. Servant of God. Faithful friend. Avid reader. Ohio State fanatic. Health enthusiast. Suicide survivor turned suicide thriver. Passionate storyteller and writer seeking joy and purpose in all seasons of life.

About Seasons of Lives.

“Your father is dead. You need to come right away.”

On the morning of July 4, 2017 I received this abrupt phone call from a chaplain that changed my life forever. My Dad, my best friend, had committed suicide. For me, there were no warning signs. One day he was there, and the next he was gone forever.

Since this time, I have noticed that when someone is going through a difficult time, so many people are eager to say, “Well…this is just the season of life you are in.” I have experienced this with many different “seasons” already: grief, parenthood, love, work, etc. It seems that these seasons tend to be the topics that we collectively most want and NEED to talk about, but are too afraid to discuss-oftentimes with loved ones who are closest to us.

So instead of dismissing these seasons, I started Seasons of Lives to provide suggestions for every seasons of our lives. While many say that there is no “instruction manual” for these different seasons, I firmly believe that we can provide suggestions on how to approach these crucial conversations with those who impact our lives the most.

About My Dad.


How do I sum up my Dad, Captain Kendall “KP” Parsley, in so little words? My dad was just an all-around good guy who was, to simply put it, nice, thoughtful, and funny. He had such a fantastic sense of humor full of sarcasm and wit, which I would like to think I inherited. When I see my Dad in my mind’s eye, he is wearing a ridiculously hilarious T-Shirt with a funny picture and saying on it – NOT the formal tuxedo he is wearing in this picture. Seriously, this photo is a prime example of true love.

My Dad was also an avid fisherman which led him to owning and operating Drift Away Charters in Marblehead, Ohio where he was a Charter Captain licensed by the US Coast Guard and the State of Ohio.

Most importantly, my Dad was an excellent father to me, and an incredible Papa to my son. He was a surprisingly excellent baby whisperer and he loved Blake from the moment I told him I was pregnant, to the night he held Blake in the hospital for the first time, and throughout the two years of Blake’s life that he was able to experience.

It was such a privilege to see their bond and seeing them together is definitely something I will miss the most.

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