5 ways to remember your lost loved one during the holidays

close up of tea light candle against black background

Today, I want to share about how to remember your lost loved one this holiday season. I know for me, and many others, it is very important to do and oftentimes difficult to develop creative ways to do so.

My solution: light a remembrance candle

I did a lot of research on this last year and I found solution that was right for our family. I lit a candle in memory of my dad, and I placed it in the center of the dining room table and told everybody why the candle was lit. The candle that I have is a personalized pillar candle that reads, “This candle burns in loving memory of Captain Kendall Parsley, who is forever in our hearts.” And whenever I light this candle, I think about my dad and I know that he is forever with me.

“This candle burns in loving memory of Captain Kendall Parsley, who is forever in our hearts.”

Here are 4 other ways to remember your lost loved one during the holidays

  1. Say a special blessing: we always like to say a prayer before eating, especially at Thanksgiving. My mom said a really beautiful blessing last year right before Thanksgiving dinner and I lead the prayer for Christmas dinner. We both said something similar like, “Dear Lord, thank you for bringing all of us together on this special day. We are thankful for the love around us, the family before us, and the love between us. We want to acknowledge loved ones who are not physically at this table today, specifically (insert loved ones names here). While we may struggle to understand, we know that you have a perfect plan, and we continue to lean on you during our time of sadness. Amen.”
  2. Leave a seat open for your loved one: While I didn’t do this, I know others who physically leave a seat open for their departed loved one.
  3. Make your loved one’s favorite dish: My dad always made a couple of his signature recipes for Thanksgiving. So last year, my mom and I were sure to make my dad’s sweet tea, cheese bowl, and sweet potato casserole. (Recipes to come tomorrow.)
  4. Set aside some time for yourself: It will be a roller coaster of a day for you, and it is imperative to set aside some time for yourself. In the morning, I remember taking a couple of minutes to journal. And later in the day, I just couldn’t be at my mom’s house anymore, it was too hard for me, and so my husband, son and I left. Giving yourself permission to be alone is gold.

What ways have you remembered your lost loved one during the holidays? I would love to hear what has helped you!

Fish On,


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