Gift ideas for someone in grief

4 gift ideas to remember a lost loved one.

four christmas themed boxes

When someone you know (or even yourself) is grieving during the holidays, you might be compelled to provide the perfect gift that will pay homage to a lost loved one.

This was especially true for me. I thought about my dad all the time (and I still do), love having keepsakes that remind me of him.

Here are four gift ideas for someone in grief

T-Shirt Blanket (


My dad ALWAYS wore hilarious T-shirts, and had a huge collection of them. When my dad passed away, I had T-shirt blankets made for my mom, my brother, and me. My mom and brother were so touched by this intimate gift. My T-shirt blanket provides me a lot of comfort when I am missing my dad.

I purchased the T-shirt blankets from Project Repat, and I was highly satisfied with their timely services and the quality of the product. They have a great mission, too!

Personalized Ring (


After I had my son, I had a ring created with my son’s name. When my dad passed away, I wanted to get a ring created with his name as well. I wear this ring every day, and I love looking at it and thinking about my dad and all the great memories we created together.

Thumbprint Necklace (


My best friend gave me a necklace with my dad’s thumbprint on it. I didn’t even realize that the funeral home captured my dad’s fingerprints. She contacted the funeral home and they sent her the images. She gave me this gift for Christmas, and I was so surprised and touched. I will always remember this act of kindness. I wear this necklace on most days, and touching the fingerprint makes me feel like my dad is always close to me.

Carson 44 in. Sonnet Heaven’s Tears Wind Chimes (various retailers)

Wind chime.jpeg

One of my good friends gave me these wind chimes in memory of my dad. I have the wind chimes hanging on our front porch, and whenever it is windy outside, the chimes ring and I think about my dad. I have given away these wind chimes as gifts to loved ones during the past year, and they have always been a well-received gift.

I hope these gift ideas are helpful!

What are some other gifts you have given or received to remember a lost loved one? I am always looking for suggestions!

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