My Fall Reads Reviewed

A synopsis of the four books I’ve read this fall. 


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For two years, I have been posting my book reviews on Facebook in a Photo Album and I recently transitioned to posting my book reviews on this blog.

As fall is coming to an end, and the Christmas season is upon us, I just realized that I haven’t posted my book reviews in a while! Here is a synopsis of the four books I’ve read since the beginning of fall.

Are you looking for a new book and want to read other views? Here is a synopsis of all the books I read so far in 2019, and all the books I read in 2018.

What are you reading right now and which books should I add to my list? I am always looking for my next great read!

Fish On!


Alice Network

The Alice Network, Kate Quinn

Grade: A

Overall Thoughts: This book was really great! It looks at the spy network of women in World War II and also another story line that was also really interesting. This was a page-turner that I thoroughly enjoyed. This would be an ideal book club pick as there is a lot to discuss.

19th Christmas

19th Christmas, James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

Grade: C

Overall Thoughts: Overall Thoughts: I was very excited to read the latest “Women’s Murder Club” book and I was a little underwhelmed. While it was nice to learn more about the characters I’ve grown to love, I thought that the story line was a little blase. I would only read this book if you are invested in the entire series (which I highly recommend!).

Last House Guest

The Last House Guest, Megan Miranda

Grade: B

Overall Thoughts: I thought this book was better than Miranda’s “All the Missing Girls.” If you like mysteries or thrillers, you will like this book. I thought it was a little drawn out in parts which is why I didn’t give it a higher rating.

Every Breath

Every Breath, Nicholas Sparks

Grade: C-

Overall Thoughts: Nicholas Sparks got the idea for this book from letters he discovered on a beach in North Carolina. The book started out great, and I was excited to see what would happen to the characters. However, the book ends abruptly in order to “protect the privacy of the actual people the characters are based on.” I found this to be very jarring for the reader and made the book feel incomplete. While the book is based on a true story, it is still fiction and I strongly feel the story should have been elaborated on for a least a couple more chapters. I would not recommend reading this book.

Lost Vintage

The Lost Vintage, Ann Mah

Grade: A+

Overall Thoughts: This book is definitely one of my favorites of the year! The plot goes back and forth between present day and the 1940s World War II France. I definitely learned a lot about wine and saw the war from a very different lens. The characters were well developed and very interesting. This would be a great book club pick and I highly recommend reading!

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